Raving Old Ducks

Life never ceases to surprise me. A few weeks ago I went to a hen party. One of my dearest friends got married this year. For the first time! And she is as old as I am. That is worth a blog post in itself, but this one is about a conversation we had at the party.

We were talking about the incredible fact that our friend was getting married at 53. One of the girls said that when her mother was fifty, she dressed and behaved like a little old lady. Our generation doesn’t. We dress like our daughters and there is no pressure on us to “act our age”. This is true.

But there is pressure on us not to act our age. We don’t just have the opportunity to dress like our daughters – or do they dress like their mothers? – but we are expected to keep as slim, wrinkle-free and bouncy as a 20-year-old.

I claimed that there is nothing wrong with old ducks and the conversation faded before we went on to a different subject. The next day, when we were à deux, another friend from the group confided that she had appreciated my comment about old ducks. But it is so controversial that few people are prepared to stand up for it.

My point is that we should be allowed to be comfortable with ourselves as we are. Fat or skinny, black or white, old or young…

Back to the hen party. A wonderful thing happened that evening. Obliviant of our age, we all partied and celebrated the fact that our friend was getting married. We were having a rave of a time. Maybe, from the outside, it looked more like a ducks party than a hen party. But who cares, as long as you are having fun?

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