A Real Win-Win Situation

Let’s face it, I’m overweight. But I know what it’s like to be slender and fit. The girl in the photo was me twelve years ago. I had never dieted in my life, I was a pasta addict. I still am, but instead of having pasta almost every day I now have it only a few times a month.

After 45 something happened to my thyroid – doctors suspect it was attacked by Lyme disease which caused Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis – and the kilos started making themselves at home all over my body. When I started taking thyroxines a few years ago I thought this would help evict all those unwanted kilos, but they are still there.

It was when I started gaining weight that I became more diet aware. I’m a real foodie but have realised that there is an awful lot of healthy stuff that is also delicious. Since I love cooking it hasn’t been difficult for me to adjust my diet. The annoying thing is that it makes no difference if I eat healthily or not, I still gain weight.

Only recently have I decided to clear out the clothes that the girl in the photo wore a decade ago. Not only are they out of fashion, I have decided to rid myself of their accusing glances every time I open the wardrobe. Instead, it has now been filled with frocks for chubby girls which I am comfortable in. And when you start looking, there is actually quite a lot of pretty garments available for big people.

I am still vain, even though I weigh twenty kilos more than the girl in the photo. Just like then, I still want to look good. And – I have now discovered that I actually look better when I’m comfortable. How is that for a win-win situation?

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