Remember the Faceless

To my excitement hundreds of people have already read my blog – less than a week since I started it. That indicates that my thoughts on the joy of ageing have struck a chord with others.

There have also been comments, a few on Facebook and many, many more straight into my mailbox. Thank you for all of those. Some of these comments have given me ideas for future blog posts.

However, wouldn’t it be much more interesting to read the comments in a thread after each blog post? Then we can all follow the discussion and each other’s thoughts. You can comment anonymously if you like, but I reserve the right to remove any abusive or otherwise improper contribution.

Also, to comment here instead of on Facebook gives our buddies who are not on Facebook – the Faceless – a chance to join the discussion.

If you click “Follow” bottom right you’ll get an e-mail each time a new post is published. That’s easier than monitoring it manually.

2 thoughts on “Remember the Faceless

  1. Vad trevlig Helen! Fick tipset att läsa din blog av min syster, syster Stina som bor i Paris, du vet. Trevlig att ngn närmar sig det här temat, som är så svårt, som även jag funderar så mycket över. Hälsar Anna


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